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Psychic white lilyHi from Lily & CrystalC

Welcome to our Site!

I (Lily) am a Scottish White Witch.

Psychic white LilyI work exclusively with Crystal Green & Silvermoon.


"I know I'm safe in Lily's hands, reason why I sought her help & guidance. I have trust in her, when she does the work, the she does it with her full zest & energy"...

"Just to say ‘thank you’ for all your hard work isn’t enough, but without your support I couldn’t manage this... You are not only a highly professional person. but have a huge heart full of care and love for all who need you".

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Psychic Lily handImportant! please scroll down this page to read new info about how we work added 2015!

Here we offer you potent spells, for love, wealth, career, money and much more... browse my pages and my spells, see what might be suitable for your problems, then e-mail me and let me do a free divination for you and give you my advice  before ordering... Also visit my FAQ page to give you better idea of who I am and what I can do for you. if I feel that I can not help you, I will tell you so.





  Spell Oil for use with spells/on its own! Stronger Booster spell to enhance previous work.Magic Witch bottle

Witch bowlLatest Long term 3 year 'Maintenance Spell'  with yearly

re-casts! A possible permanent solution to an ongoing perhaps difficult situation.

 Email me at with your question.

If you are in doubt about the spell that you may need, or even if spell-work is advisable in your case, email me above... please allow up to 3 days for me to reply.

Frredback bookFeedback for Lily & Crystal. 
"Thank you for all you have done, I know that if it wasn't for you I wouldn't feel the courage that I have now that either way I will be fine!"

"Thank you for all your help -really means the world to me to have support through this. You have been most kind and generous"

"I went to Lily for some help when I was going through a tough time, from day 1 she was supportive, understanding and reassuring. But more than that, she was honest which is something I had not received from anyone else. Instead of doing work for me that would be pointless, she advised alternatives. This I am very grateful for.
Along with that, she was very supportive, I felt that I could talk to her when I was feeling low if I needed to. This has gotten me through probably one of the worst times of my life. I am very thankful and grateful to all she has done for me." T

I requested a spell from Lily to help me with a long and arduous business trip I was set to go on - to keep me positive, upbeat and stress free! What Lily produced was better than I could have expected. The trip was a great success, and all was smooth and calm. I attribute this wholly to Lily's work and I have full faith and confidence in her ability to assist and help in a variety of areas of life. I have no hesitation in recommending her - she really produced 'magic'. By the by, Lily is really friendly and understanding, too. This helps enormously in getting the spell up and running.

Thank you, Lily!!! JB  (Cambridge, U.K.)   2015.


..having thoroughly read your website I can't tell you how relieved I am to read your email, as I do really understand that you don't take on all cases. Having come across so many scam websites also I know how difficult it is to find someone genuine, so I was very pleased to find yours! 

 Hi lily, i just want to thank you for everything you have done for me and all the work you have done words cannot describe how grateful i am to you and how much you have helped change my life. You are a truly selfless and amazing woman and you inspire me so much xxxx   2015.

My dear Lily. You cast a spell for me in year [2010] and I have thought long and often about you – my husband and I reconciled in February 2010. The road ahead remains difficult at times. Nevertheless, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, love and support along my very rocky path. Please do feel free to use an anonymous version of this email on your site. To those who are doubtful about the authenticity of this communication, I say that this is a completely unsolicited email by way of thanks to Lily.

Hi Lily; I received my reading you did for me and I would like to say thank-you.  I felt that you went to a great deal to warn people of "fraud" on the net and also that in order to successfully do the type of work you do for people , you must possess sincerity, passion for what you believe in and most of all love in your heart.  2012

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Important! please read this new information below added March 2015! I would like to tell you more about my services .

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Psychic spells from LilyThere are so many sites these days selling spell work who simply take-your-money-and-run! Eventually their poor victims who have lost money and hope, end up on this site asking me if there is anything I can do about it? Of course I often can’t because it is already too late. It makes me very sad and I will often do some free work for these people or at least put them in my Healing Book for the month. Undoubtedly this sort of thing gives the rest of us who are true spell workers and who have been so for ages quietly working away a bad name!

So here’s some little pointers before you venture forth... take note of before you order anything from anyone (even me!)

Before you send any money to someone on the web, no matter how pretty or honest the website looks, do a little research. This is your money, spend it wisely and make whoever you are sending it to will work honestly after receiving it!

   Psychic spells from LilyInsist on information before you order! Ask the spell-caster what her experiences are, and where she’s coming from ethically (this should be on her website but it may not be) ask if she does a free divination first? And if she does and you receive one, read the results very carefully! You will be sad and somewhat vulnerable at this time or you would not be contacting someone at all.

Make sure that the person you are asking for help is sending you genuine answers that are personal to you, and not just prewritten ‘script’ that they have just added your name to! (This happens a lot!)

Research them on the web. Information about them should be at least 80% good, bearing in mind that it is difficult to be 100% about anything these days!

And most of all… Follow your instinct and note carefully what they offer. If they offer a .....

100% guarantee of success in big flashy writing with ANY spell… Stop there and continue your search elsewhere. Because in real life this guarantee Psychic spells from Lilycan never be given! Karma sometimes prevents us ‘getting what we want’ and gives us ‘what we need’. later in life we will understand why! We cannot get around this without ultimately causing ourselves even more grief. So please please please! Do not book from a site that offers 100% guarantee… Many sites (such as mine) will offer you a percentage of probability but it will certainly not be 100% or will not be iron bound so to speak.

One of the most important things for you is that the person you are trusting with your work should be prepared to ‘go all the way with you’ is there to advise and to guide you, and to pick you up and dust you off when you fall. Things rarely go to plan, and sometimes more work is needed… I will never ask that you pay for more work! The person you are trusting should be your friend guide and confidant, and that should be included in the price that you initially pay. It is with me and my service. In the end it is for you to lead and me to follow!

Psychic spells from LilyHere is what I offered to you my cherished clients!

When you first email me with your problem, I will acknowledge your email and then do a free (and often detail) report/divination on what I find.

  If at this point I feel that I cannot help you for whatever reason... for example personal Karma, ethics etc then I will tell you so and there will be no charge, I will however send you healing. Please do not try to talk me into changing my mind if this is the case...If I say "No" it is for good reason and for your own benefit!


  If I feel that I can help you, you will get a comprehensive email report of the divination with suggestions and recommendations about what spell work will be most suitable… This is how we begin!

Psychic spells from LilyAlso during the work I shall be in touch with you unless you prefer that I do not.

I shall support you emotionally, keep you up-to-date and expect you to report back to me with information on how you feel from time to time. Accept all this and we can achieve our objective as I will carry the work on for as long as needed or possible.

Lily Psychic Witch and Spell Caster This is what you get! Strong spell work and working together with a friend you can trust & who is there to support you!.

Email me today! and see it work for you!

I completely value your privacy. I never pass on your information to a third party!


Blessed Be!   Lily xxx



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